A Balanced Energy Plan

With a balanced plan, Maine homeowners will enjoy 24/7 energy security and home comfort

balanced energy planMaine residents are fortunate to have a range of viable home heating and fuel options available to them. The accessibility of a broad selection of fuel options, including heating oil, propane, natural gas, electricity and wood pellets is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it enables homeowners to avoid relying on a single source of energy across the board.

The Consequences of Relying on a Single Energy Source

Threats to national security must be taken seriously. They can come in many forms, including but certainly not limited to cyberattacks, weather emergencies and natural disasters. In the event of a situation where national security is compromised, we will all be much better off if we are relying on a mix of fuel sources.

You probably remember the widespread power outages that took place in Texas in early 2021. This catastrophe serves as a prime example of the clear consequences of having too many people rely on too few energy sources. It seems as if every few years, a storm or other large-scale event knocks out the power for thousands of families, essentially leaving them stranded in their own homes for days—or even weeks.

Local and National Security: The Natural Result of a Balanced Energy Plan

We believe that the best solution for Maine’s energy industry—and for Maine’s homeowners—is a balanced energy plan that involves the use of all heat sources. With heating oil, propane, natural gas, electric heat and wood pellets, we can avoid putting all of our eggs into one fragile energy basket.

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