MEMA Technical Education Center (MTEC)

Starting a Career in HVAC-R Has Never Been Easier

mtec instructorBeing a service technician in the HVAC-R industry requires a high level of skill, and Maine is fortunate to have the MEMA Technical Education Center (MTEC).

Located in Brunswick, this nonprofit center has helped to jump-start the careers of high school graduates, veterans transitioning to civilian life and those who are just looking for the right career to put their skills to work.

MTEC is owned and operated by more than 300 Maine and New England MEMA member companies. These members help to design educational programs, donate equipment and hire graduates from the school they themselves fund.

MTEC: Some Key Points

  • No Filler Courses. There is no need to take general education classes like mathematics or English. When enrolled at MTEC, students focus only on the certifications they wish to obtain.
  • Hands-on Learning. At MTEC, students learn by doing. While some schools train only via textbook, MTEC students spend up to 50% of their classroom time working with the equipment they will see in the field.
  • State Certified. MTEC, a 501c3 nonprofit HVAC-R technical training facility, is certified by the Maine State Department of Education.
  • Job Placement & Financial Aid. MTEC works closely with a variety of career centers across the state, and many students have been eligible to receive full and partial tuition compensation! You can search for your local career center here.

Fields of Study

  • Oil Burner Technician Training. This six-week oilheat technician training program eliminates six months of apprentice time required for Maine State Journeyman licensing, saving students time and money. This course comprises hands-on training in our lab, video simulated operations and classroom lecture and discussion.
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Program. Divided into three parts, this program is designed for those just getting into the industry, as well as experienced technicians looking to add to their credentials.
  • Propane and Natural Gas Training. MTEC offers more than six intensive courses that are enhanced versions of the National Propane Gas Association’s Certified Employee Training Program (CETP). Maine law requires that those who work with propane or natural gas be trained and licensed to do so.

If you or someone you know is interested in considering a rich and rewarding career in HVAC-R, you’ll be glad to know that MTEC has a 95% placement rate. Most students find employment before they even graduate!

Go here to learn more more about the training programs offered at the MEMA Technical Education Center (MTEC).

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